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SEM Diaries

Since this project got under way I have been contributing a series of “SEM Diaries” to Balsam Post, the Newsletter of the Postal Microscopical Society. These detail the trials and tribulations of getting the project underway and also, in a more positive light, record progress since the installation of my SEM.

The series may be accessed here. Click on the links to open pdf files of each edition.:

SEM Diaries 1 - Gestation and Birth

SEM Diaries 2 - A Tale of Builders, Gas and Gold

SEM Diaries 3 - How an SEM Works

SEM Diaries 4 - The Beast Arrives

SEM Diaries 5 - It Broke!

SEM Diaries 6 - The Mysterious Case of the Imploding Tick

SEM Diaries 7 - Ping and it’s gone!

SEM Diaries 8 - Obtaining and identifying specimens, and first steps in colouring

SEM Diaries 9 - The Backscattered Electron Detector is Installed!

SEM Diaries 10 - Butterfly Scales and Diatoms

SEM Diaries 11 - My foot fetish and my first published micrograph

SEM Diaries 12 - Looking at things from a different angle

SEM Diaries 13 - Now what on earth was on that stub? - And another shaggy dog story

SEM Diaries 14 - What’s in a Filament?

SEM Diaries 15 - Its not all about making images (but a bit on that as well)


SEM Diaries 17 - One in the eye