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North Yorkshire Diatoms

These six galleries show electron micrographs of diatoms collected at five different sites during a trip round various sites in North Yorkshire in August 2023. The size of each gallery reflects the variety of species found at each site (or the success in preparation!). Thus, there is duplication of and variation between, species between sites. Click on the site name to access the gallery.

Bingley Locks (Sample A) - This sample was obtained by squeezing a sample of broad-leafed weed gathered from the canal at Bingley. Despite its not having the conventional “slimey” feel of diatomaceous material, the sample nonetheless yielded a good collection of species.

Bingley Locks (Sample B) - This sample was obtained by squeezing a sample of “slimey” filamentous algae fished out of the canal.

Bingley Canal - This sample was gathered by squeezing algae from the canal some way South of Bingley.

Gypsey Race, at Rudstone - This chalk stream runs for some miles. Residents at Rudstone have commented on the low water level in recent years, which they attribute to extraction by the Water Board. The stream is certainly very low.

Nafferton Mere - This sample was obtained by scraping slime off pebbles in the mere (a large pool in the centre of the village).

Millstream near former Trout Inn on Skerne Road.

While an attempt has been made to create decent pictures from the images, I felt it was more important to record the variety of species than to ensure that every diatom was complete and un-affected by debris and other “contaminants”.

Currently the captions provide the file name in each case. Identifications will hopefully be added in due course.